Are You Ready to Create a Global Platform for your Big Message ?

Are you a Wisdompreneur™ – a speaker, author, coach, subject matter expert, or seminar leader? Do you have a big message for the world? By now you know there are a lot of moving parts to leveraging your expertise and creating a global platform. Have you listened to “Business Gurus,” attended seminars, watched videos, and read ebooks on how to run your business? Yet, you struggle with a knowledge gap – you just don’t know how to implement all of the strategies, structures and systems necessary to effectively and efficiently build your business. At Wisdompreneur Academy, it is our one-pointed mission to work with you 1-on-1 as we build the purposeful, automated, integrated foundation of your business so that your message can shine. Step-by-step, together we establish your brand, co-create your Wisdom System™ (curriculum), coach you in creating live events, deliver your online course on our proprietary “Evolutionary Information Exchange” app, build your website, framework your social media, create your funnel marketing automation, and integrate your sales processing. From idea to implementation, everything is personalized, automated and scalable! This gives you a high-impact platform so you have the freedom to be you – to meaningfully manifest and monetize your message.

  • Your Vision

    Elevated Impact & Purpose-fueled Financial Freedom

  • Our Mission

    Tooling Wisdomprenerus to Build a Global Platform

  • Together

    Let's Manifest & Monitize Your Big Message

Manifest and Monetize Your Message Step-by-Step

—— Tool #1: Customized Step-by-Step Strategic Plan ——

To create success, you gotta know where you are going, or at least be headed in the right direction. This requires a smart plan. As a Wisdompreneur your process is both intuitive/creative and logical/process-oriented.  Based on The Business Mandala™, our proprietary strategy system, together, we ask the critical questions and resourcefully draw the blueprint for your success.

—— Tool #2: Unique Wisdom System ——

Amplify the impact of your message by creating your unique Wisdom System™. By synthesizing your core message into an organized learning methodology, with masterful training resources, you will inform, engage & challenge your audience. Be the expert!

—— Tool #3: Interactive Online Course ——

Leverage your impact and widen your reach by offering your Wisdom System™ via an online course. Your knowledge can be organized into potent learning modules and delivered 24/7 online for maximum impact and recurring revenue.

—— Tool #4: Conversion-Oriented Website ——

Your website is your window to the world. To serve your business well, it must be dynamic, express your mission and, most importantly, through messaging and functionality, encourage visitors to become your clients.

—— Tool #5: Content Marketing ——

Teach rather then sell. By offering valuable free content – in the form of info gifts, webinars and video email campaigns – your ideal clients will happily “opt-in” by giving you their email address. Continue to nurture the relationship and you grow to become their trusted expert. When you make an offer, they say “Yes!”

—— Tool #6: Infusionsoft All-In-One Business Automation ——

End the “admin abyss”. Harness the power of Infusionsoft, the world’s leading software for small business development. Experience the freedom of fully integrated CRM, automated email marketing & eCommerce. Chaos minimized. Productivity maximized.

Meet Your Experts

ivri turner

Ivri is a “Wisdompreneur-maker” who serves as Co-Founder and CEO of Wisdompreneur Academy. She has had the privilege to create international platforms for Wisdompreneurs in both the non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors. She is a Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Infusionsoft Consultant/Partner, curriculum development specialist and business strategist.  Her life from a young age has been deeply devoted to connecting with and sharing what we know to be true within our deepest selves. Her journey has taken her around the globe as a seeker of truth, mediator, yogini, and student of life.  As a speaker, coach, information-based business owner, and Wisdompreneur herself, Ivri understands what it takes to rise to the challenge of living your big message with courage and clarity and creating an integrated platform to support your life’s work.

chris whitcoe

Chris is all about getting big results delivered effectively and efficiently. His career as a Electrical Engineer working in top secret military projects, programming lasers and writing code for some of the most complex functions, shifted when he had a personal awakening to the importance of humans sharing their enlightenment in a big way. He leveraged his immense background in intelligent software design and applied it to the development of Intelligent Coach: Evolutionary Information Exchange™, our proprietary Learning Management System for online course delivery. He is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Wisdompreneur Academy. Most importantly as a speaker, coach and entrepreneur, he knows that making impact with your message is about the seamless blend of properly leveraged technology and living your authentic presence on a global platform.

Our Happy Clients

  • If I could have waved my magic wand and made up all the skills, talents, knowledge and clarity that Ivri brings to our work together it still couldn’t possibly be as exceptional, inspired and on-target as working closely with her has been. Ivri has been the essential key to bringing the variety of skills needed so that I could go from ‘stuck’ to ‘full delivery’ mode. I've experienced many people say that they know how to develop products for the internet market, and absolutely, Ivri knows how. She’s been masterful in this work with me. She gets my 100% vote of confidence!

    Joan Perry
    Joan PerryThe Women's Wealth Model
  • Ivri is the most exemplary contractor I’ve ever worked beside. With profound intelligence around strategic marketing and a stunning mastery of CRM, Ivri designs and implements integrated solutions for conscious entrepreneurs. Energizing, accountable, passionate, committed, savvy, and dedicated, this joyful woman quickly became my friend, and guide. Ivri far exceeded my expectations. With an impossible deadline, this powerhouse, intuitive woman was integral to manifesting our mission. I’d gladly shout to the mountaintops her expertise, and wholeheartedly recommend Ivri for your conscious business decisions!

    Robbi Firestone
    Robbi FirestoneSanta Fe Art Classes
  • Ivri is a masterful orchestrator of success. Her passion and drive, paired with keen vision and technical savvy, creates a perfect storm as a business advisor. Ivri has not only challenged me to new heights of where my business could go, but has put together the strategic framework and walked with me as those goals became reality. She is a rare blend of heart and know-how who delivers awe-inspiring work, rich with depth and character.

    Tanya Fraizer
    Tanya FraizerHeart to Heart Consulting
  • Having developed programs professionally for years (in TV and other media), I was initially unsure whether I needed curriculum consultation. Now I can’t imagine creating or enhancing a curriculum without Ivri. Her passion to serve her clients, robust creativity, incisive critical thinking, outstanding articulation, collaborative spirit, integrity in protecting your content, workflow efficiency, and desire to over-deliver make her an ideal curriculum collaborator. If you ever get the chance to work with Ivri Turner, run, don’t walk.

    Jillian Robinson
    Jillian RobinsonJillian Robinson Coaching
  • It is an incredible honor and a great privilege to work with Ivri Turner. She is a gifted entrepreneur, with a keen business perception and tremendous insight, intuition and heart. An hour with Ivri is more valuable than hours with other consultants because she is so resourceful, with powerful ideas, always brings a fresh focus, and I will add,  is a lot of fun to work with too!

    Jean Hollowell
    Jean HollowellChildren's Success Foundation
  • Where others stop, or at most give standard advice of tools already known to them, Ivri goes far beyond. She researches and strives towards the best solution that will meet the unique needs of my business. And most important, she always consults from the perspective of the needs and requirements of my potential clients. She works with vigor, a strong sense for structure, and a strong sense for design and perfection. All of my plans for growth and scalability include Ivri as part of my team!

    Marc Luellman
    Marc LuellmanVastu Architektur
  • As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I often find my time, energy and focus scattered. It has been one of my greatest daily challenges, not only in business but in life. Working with Ivri has changed all of this. It takes a very special person to ascertain an individuals Why? Ivri has provided clarity, focus and a much deeper understanding of the role I play not only as a business owner but more importantly - as a person. Simply put, the effect has been profound.

    Paul Crawley
    Paul CrawleyThe Net Return
  • Ivri is a transmitter of higher frequencies, she takes what would otherwise be disorganized, and like a shaman, she works through the chaos, bringing a new harmonic level to the mission of organization, technology and connectivity, giving new power to really great work. She addresses the core foundational level - what is the DNA of the business, and how do we grow it from there? She then creates a scalable platform, bringing my mission to the world with bigger reach.

    Rachel Hamilton
    Rachel HamiltonRachel Hamilton Improv